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DeFX Multi-effects processor Plug-in for XMMS

Compilation Instructions

If you have downloaded the source, you can compile it by your own. You only need to have some basic development packages for Linux, like GTK+ and XMMS.
Note that you need the runtime packages to execute the plugin, and the additional development packages to compile it

To compile just do make.

Install Instructions

DeFX is just one file. It must be installed into the effect plugins directory of xmms (usually located in /usr/lib/xmms/Effect).

For automatic installation you can do make install as root.

Activation Instructions

Launch XMMS and the DeFX control panel will be showed up. It will not be activated until you do it in the XMMS' preferences window
You can press Ctrl-P to view the preferences window. From there, activate the DeFX in the Effect Plugins section