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DeFX Multi-effects processor Plug-in for XMMS

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1. Voice removal doesn't remove the voice, what am I doing wrong?

As the documentation says, the "voice removal" or "karaoke" will remove the center channel (the signal that is equal in left and right channels, aka mono). Most voices are recorded in the center channel, but some are recorded in stereo or with stereo effects, that can''t be removed. Notice that most home audio systems do the same

2. Can I distribute/promote/copy/pirate DeFX?

DeFX is GPL. So you can distribute, use and modify it freely. Read the GPL license for details

4. Can the "voice removal" feature be improved?

Yes, but not a lot. As Claudio Nicora suggested, you can add a filter so the center channel is not removed at all. We can save the bass and some drums with a good filter. This function is IMPLEMENTED since version 0.9.7!!!

5. Why DeFX doesn't work with my CD's?

DeFX will affect any signal that is processed by XMMS. In the case of CD-Audio, the signal goes directly from your CD-Rom drive to your soundcard without passing through XMMS. (See that the Equalizer will not work too). One solution may be installing an "Input plugin" that reads CD-Audio data and feed it into XMMS, I suppose DeFX will work with that.

6. How can I save the output from XMMS/DeFX?

There is an output plug-in included with XMMS called "Disk Writer Plug-in", it will save all XMMS output to a .WAV file