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DeFX Multi-effects processor Plug-in for XMMS

General Information

DeFX is a plug-in module for XMMS. This is an audio player that supports many audio/multimedia formats (MP3, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, MPG, AVI...) for the Linux platform.

XMMS provides an open architecture to add extra functionality through plug-in extensions. For example, You can add Input Plugins to support any format created or not yet created (SID, Ogg Vorbis), or you can add Visualization Plugins to add new ways of viewing music (more than osciloscopes or spectrum analysers). Also there are other types of plugins like Output, General and Effect Plugin.

DeFX belongs to this last type of plugin. With DeFX you can alter the sound that XMMS have processed, before it will be sent to your sound card, in other words, DeFX take its place between XMMS and your sound card

Current Features

DeFX support 6 types of effects, grouped into 4 different modules.
  • Karaoke : Removes the song's voices trying to preserve the bass and drums
  • Panning : Smoothly selects between the two stereo channels
  • Modulation : Three classical effects. Flange, phaser and chorus
  • Reverberation : You can simulate your songs as being played in a huge room